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While school systems must address many challenges each day, the following represent some of the greatest challenges facing CHCCS:

  • Closing the achievement gap: I think the greatest challenge is the achievement gap. In a school district with much diversity, equity can be a true challenge.  Ensuring that students have the essential conditions to be successful and being able to meet their needs in a classroom with a wide range of abilities and learning differences are not easy.  

  • Teacher retention and morale/Teacher pay: Our state currently ranks 42nd for teacher pay, and at the bottom of the country for principal pay. While the district is not necessarily responsible for this challenge and has made efforts to address this, the press and sometimes attitudes about the profession in our state and nationally can affect how teachers feel about their role and their job. Continuing to emphasize the importance of supporting teachers and ensuring that schools have a culture of continuous improvement are critical to meeting all of the goals of the district and are essential for recruiting and retaining the high quality administrators, teachers, and staff.  

  • Moving to more student-centered, personalized learning in a system that “does well:” CHCCS has the opportunity to take the focus on instruction and focus even more on personalizing learning for all students.  While some schools and teachers are taking advantage of digital learning and formative assessment to personalize learning and help each student learn, this is not necessarily pervasive across the district in my experience.  Even though CHCCS has a very strong education system and reports high test scores, many new technologies and instructional strategies can be implemented to ensure that all students are growing and learning to meet their potential, including students who are struggling and those who need additional acceleration. Ensuring that this is an expectation of all schools, not just some, is important – even if test scores are high.

  • Infrastructure: Renovating and maintaining the infrastructure and buildings in the schools are a challenge, especially with some of older schools that have real issues to support learning environments conducive to teaching and learning. The school bond referendum has the potential to alleviate some of the challenges by providing efficient funding over time.

These are not the only challenges, but certainly represent some of the primary ones facing the district.  Interestingly, each of the challenges also represent an opportunity for the district.

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